“Unleash the power of Deal Dog Today to Realize Your Full Potential.”

That’s what Deal Dog claims once you read about the information found on the Connected Investors Website.

Reading through the Deal Dog claims and promises, I immediately noticed one thing – that is the lack of customer testimonials. When you claim to be a virtual bird-dog who oversees what’s happening in the RE, you’re supposed to have customer testimonials to back you up. And since I’m here, I will give my personal testimonial about my experience with the Deal Dog software.
First, it claims to search the World Wide Web to look for the best deals for you. It says you can leave it, you can go and have fun, go and do your “other job”, and Deal Dog will do the work for you. This is really enticing. Especially when you’re busy and you’re finding it hard to balance time from work and family, or if you really have that “other job.”

In an instant?

I was really curious as to how it would do such that. Would it bring me a good collection of properties which I have searched and found to be interesting? Because who doesn’t want a little weight lifted of their shoulders? And for the price, ($97.00/month), that would be great. Right?

When it promised to be my new best friend, I found the software made it easy for me, and that’s what best of friends do after all. It “ensures you’re able to see every off-market property that hits your market” it did just that and more.
Excited to know more?

Watch the video below on how important it is to find deals.

1. The sites I’ve searched that have a property in my area are way more than what I’ve seen in Craigslist,, and other websites for listings. It even gave off-market property.

2. “If all Deal Dog does is bring you one deal, it can pay for itself 1,000 times over”  Deal Dog offers so much options to choose from, which makes it impossible not to make a great deal.
From this point on I am convinced you need specified software like this.

3. There are a lot of ads, which is good for some, distracting for others. To me personally, I think the ads are fine, but it’s good to consider others who do not want ads but prefer more of the listings itself.

I have just had the software for a few weeks, but this software has done more than what it has promised.

So, my final thoughts, the claims are great and very enticing I tell you. Some may think it’s just a pay-to-play kind of thing, but the software was easy to use and is very helpful in finding more real estate deals.

I’d highly recommend it.

User Friendly
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